Rusty slave stuff

I have always had an interest in metal bondage stuff that looks like it’s old and used, with a little bit of “crudeness” too, a bit like slave shackles from the slavery time.

Here is a collar i made in this style, it’s kind of nice but imnot sure about it.

I would like some people’s opinion, would you like to see more stuffs like this? and if yes, what?


3 Responses to “Rusty slave stuff”

  • Sara:

    It’s very nice looking. I too, have always liked the idea of grundgy bondage gear. It isn’t really a mainstream thing, though. I’d certainly be inclined to pick up a full set of cuffs and collar. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Tess Whitcroft:

    Your primwork and texturing are about as good as it gets. If you do make a full set, with RLV, I would certainly get them.

  • No joke dominant girls makes me crazy! Write more I ll come back later for more!

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