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Openbittorrent is a pretty cool thingie, basically it’s an open access bittorrent tracker, however it has no “torrent upload” or search engine interface, since all files on a tracker are hashed, the tracker has no way to know what it is indexing.

This article is also a test of the bitlet web based torrent downloader. You can try to download it, it’s only a small kernel file for my phone, virus free and legal you can Download it using the java bitlet downloader.

Download the torrent file HERE

Basically anybody can create torrent files for this tracker and only the person who has the .torrent know what’s in it, this creates an interesting relationship.

  • Openbittorrent do not know what it’s tracking and do not want to.
  • You know what it is tracking but it isn’t in your power to stop it nor do you have anything that can be pressured upon to shut it down.
  • It’s an interesting system where the central point of the network is very hard to legally shut down, it also allow anybody to seed on bittorrent without needing a very complex setup.

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