GLOOM: Knees deep in the code

GLOOM: Knees deep in the code

This update just to say i’m fine, my time is shared for now between my RL issue at hand:

  • Finding a new apartment (my roomate is moving and this place is too fucken expensive for me alone)
  • Making progress on the KDC hud.

I finally found a pretty solid and fast LSL devellopment IDE for LSL in the name of Eclipse IDE with the LSL PLUS package it’s pretty nifty so far, and it include a code simulator for all the base debugging you might want to do, plus it kind of “precompile” your code, as in strip comments and tighten the syntax so you can paste it in the SL editor and nobody will understand what the hell you wrote (i’m joking on this part).

Just did a little screen, while staying as obscure as possible 😀


2 Responses to “GLOOM: Knees deep in the code”

  • Coty:

    this reminds me of C++ (im really no good at it and i need to learn for computer science two. do you make games perhaps? ive been wanting to make games all my life and i dont i would be able tu be a graphic designer or game programmer i could prolly be a tester or story writer. (cuz im no good at code and modeling or i just havent been trying hard enough :b

  • That’s LSL wich is the short for “Linden Scripting Language” it’s the language used in second life to make interactive stuffs.

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