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CornerShot mark four

Now that my little hardware related annoyances are things of the past, here is a little update of the cornershot model, the back of the gun is now complete (minus the backside wich is still mirrored and the lack of optics) .

It is definitely taking shape now.

cornershot 13 cornershot #11 cornershot 12

Note: the blue block is a placeholder for the front part that still need to be done.

The dark serie continue?


Sometimes you wonder what else will happen, well i finally had enough of my graphic card problems. It seems in my never ending luck i apparently got a defective graphic card. And it is raging on me since like 3 months.

Well i have enough of it now, so i ordered an NVIDIA 8800gtx 🙂
Now i just have to cross fingers that it was really the problem.

CornerShot mark three

another little update, i worked on some of the twisting handle, screws, grip that sort of stuffs, need to study some the hinge to make something proper, the first part of the hinge and the button supports are looking fine to me.


Cornershot mark Two

Another little update…
cornershot7.jpg cornershot8.jpg

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One fraggin’ Millions

Well just a little YAY because my name2key database just crossed the million of keys/name pairs, you can browse it here :

Ever heard of the cornershot?

I didn’t before either.

The CornerShot is some of the nifty tools the Israeli defense force are inventing in their free time hehe, it’s basically a sort of frame that will hold your weapon for you, it has a built in camera and the end can be turned at +-45 degrees or can be kept straight (so you don’t looks like an idiot when an enemy is in front of you. Well it’s a gun designed to shoot behind corners, door frames, windows, etc… Without exposing yourself.

Here is a little YouTube video for those that aren’t afraid to learn something today.
[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Okay, Obviously it’s a cool toy. Now to get in the thick of the subject, i decided to try to build it for Armed Assault. And here you can see my work in progress pictures in all their glory.

cornershot 1 cornershot 2

Not bad i guess, lots of molded plastic on this thing. It’s the hi-resolution version that i will use to make the normal maps (and at worst case i will have a nice folding butt stock i can recycle in something else)

Lockmeister and fixing LindenLabs bugs

If you are a little in the SL BDSM community and also if you ever bought a few of my gears, there was a little annoying bug that appeared after one of LindenLabs updates, it was basically blocking particles in active state, and any call to llParticleSystem([]); would be ignored by the object.

Well I found by pure coincidence that the problem was magically disappearing if you where unlinking/linking the object so I took a big chunk of today’s morning to fix and repack EVERY KDC items (That’s about 30/40 items to check out and test) that where affected by this problem.

If you happen to have a LockMeister item that behave strangely, like refuse to unchain and things like this, send me a nice IM and i will gladly replace it for a fixed version.

KDC on Youtube

Just thought i should share my first SL/Youtube video

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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