virtual vs real, and why any regulation over internet is deemed to fail.

When we go surf on the net we have a link established between virtuality and reality, a real human use several interfaces to access a virtual space.

When a hacker is breaking into a system, he is doing so at light speed, trough optic fibers, remotely, sometimes tousand kilometers from the physical computer he attack. If the law of the real world want to counter attack him, it cannot be done at the same speed, and distance abstraction, since the virtual world cannot influence a human directly. So we have to run a hunt in the physical world. Problem, the physical world is nowhere near as fast and flexible. A hacker could literally hop from place to place without ever being caught.

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  • some one else:

    Couldn’t someone just use a computer to hack into the computer of the hacker, or at least mess with him or her till they were able to trace the ip address of the hacker and then find and catch them in the real world? Of course the subject is virtual world vs real world and I could be talking about virtual vs virtual or something. Bah, it doesn’t really matter.

  • Kyrah Abattoir:

    Yes however it would be unlikely in my opinion because at the numeric age performing a hack is a matter of seconds once the target is identified and the proper informations have been gathered.

    By the time someone realise there has been an intrusion the hacker is already gone.

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