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Website performances

I’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning up my plugins usage and configuring my web server for maximum caching ability.
This allowed me to move from a “D” grade on the YSlow benchmark to a “B” grade. I’m pretty happy with it, it looks like I can’t really do better unless i start using a Content Delivery Network. Which won’t happen because of the price, and because I’m allergic to cloud computing.

Updated to baselayout 2

I just finished the update to baselayout 2 for, using this pretty handy gentoo guide: .

I have to admit i was pretty scared about the idea that i just might make the system completely unbootable, but everything seems to be working just fine for now. But apparently, as long as you follow carefully the documentation, you should be fine.

Just a little thing, if you have to do this migration too and, like me, use a non US keyboard and happen to have encrypted disks that need password entry during the boot sequence, there used to be a glitch on baselayout 1, where the system would be in qwerty even with your keymap set to a different keymap in /etc/conf.d/keymaps . Just keep in mind that this time your system will boot with the keymap you have set, so you might need to enter your passwords with the normal keymap this time.

I still have a lot of PHP related work to do before I can resume my usual SL activities.

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