The sick little busy bee

As usual, my stomach disagrees with my cravings and after struggling half of Monday with cramps, things resolved themselves with an empty stomach around 4am…

I’m sticking with “some” yogurt today.

Work wise, I have some very “minor” visual updates to the stun prod. I ended up ditching the solution I had used for the decals because it turns out that those do not come out properly when baking occlusion or normals. The floating decals were a pain in the ass in general, and I ended up re-drawing them in Krita (which I’m still learning how to use) as a simple shader mask.

I also got almost all the rendering glitches sorted. I need 3 separate renders per texture, which then have to be composed together in Krita (albedo, occlusion, metalness, roughness, normal). You could probably save time by baking the ORM texture as single step… and I might end up doing that before I get sick of fiddling with my material settings.

The stun prod mesh is about 3000 triangles and uses a single PBR material in 1024×512. The last picture of the stun prod is taken within SL… It feels a lot less glossy for some reason?

I’m pondering about replacing the electrodes by something a bit more sci-fi and aggressive than the typical “blunt needle” shape, what do you guys think?

Lastly, I’ve also included a picture of some VR avatar work I’ve been doing this weekend, just… because?

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