Make all the colors!

Quite a bit of progress, make all the colors Kyrah!

So what is new, I did some work on the pants tucking points, I’ve massaged the pant cuffs into position, so they are more “centered” around the foot, and have a much better clearance for things like, heels (yes, I did test on Maitreya a bit too).

I’ve also added the additional mesh bits to get the uniform label in place, two of them in fact, 5 characters each. The left one is the one I intend for prisoner IDs, the right one? Well you can do what you want with it, I guess.

I’ve got a handful of colors done now, dark blue, light blue, teal-ish, red, yellow, tan, orange, and that dull green-gray that I did most of the previous pictures with.

Each color can also be used on the accent panels for a frankly boring, but potentially more generic look. I also have 4 stripe versions for the accent panels, black and white, a faded kind of gray, pale blue and also a red version. I probably should also make a white set for people to play with.

Do tell if you can think of other colors that I should make.

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