Weight painting and more in-world testing

Don’t we all love weight painting? Just one of those tasks where no matter how long you’ve been practicing, every day feels like your very first day…

Near the end of the day I ended up testing if I could just get away with ditching the double armature conversion system and use a custom rest pose instead. It’s not too bad, it gets rid of some of the error buildup that I was getting, and since the shoulder shape isn’t critical (covered), a bit of clipping won’t be the end of the world. The places where it really matters (wrists, ankles, hips, neck) are still the same.

A lot of problems remain to be fixed, I really wanted to do some testing on the jacket, since that’s the main piece of the set. But realistically? I need to get the pants in their final state first to be able to weight paint the jacket without the two clipping into each-others.

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