Finally something worth showing…

Two things for today’s post:

First, I’m trying to come up with an automatic cell door design, as an add-on to the existing 3×3 cells. I’m thinking about using the open radio protocol to link the door script and the control console, with an option to make it secure, or hack-able. Probably nice industrial mushroom buttons and lights for the control board?

Second, I’ve gone through the prison uniform project (once again!) to try to solve the problems I am having with it. Back to A-pose, less extreme creasing. I’m thinking that this is as good as I can get it with my current skill level. I’ve also added a hem at the bottom of the shirt/top piece and cleaned up a bunch of issues. The sleeves could use some tweaking but other than smoothing the cuffs I’m probably not going to touch them.

5 Responses to “Finally something worth showing…”

  • Yardley Footman:

    Oooh! As if those doors weren’t deliciously stark and industrial enough!

  • Thanks! I want to keep it in the same style, but also solve the problems people reported with building classic cell blocks. It also took me a while to warm up to it I guess…

  • Yardley Footman:

    I saw someone do my idea for a telephone-boot sized cell just by setting up additional walls inside the cell. As well as some kind of pole restraint.

  • Alexa:

    Totally looking forward to the Uniform release.
    Will the doors have a function that could be used for Selfbondage or Autolock?

    I love your Products keep up the awesome Work!

  • The uniform is turning into one of those projects I slog through for months it seems.

    About the door, that is not something I thought of, but it is not a bad idea either!

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