Hair practice

Hair practice

This has nothing to do with the current project, I know. But I was doing some hair practice and figured that I would share my pain with all of you.

  1. This was the “result” of a flat hair modeling method I was trying, then realized I did not know what I wanted to make style-wise. So this abomination happened.
  2. A more ‘traditional’ attempt, still trying to get some sort of front fringe (straight this time). Trash, just like the one before.
  3. This time using curves instead, styling is a bit easier.
  4. It went kind of okay until I got to the ear. So much visible scalp… Now, how do I finish this?
  5. This is what happened in the back. This method has issues if you don’t need pointed ends.
  6. This was a lire “advanced” spline curve approach with custom profiles and tapers. I was trying to get a cute oni-style with the horns.

Overall there is some good progression from version to version, but this is still all absolute trash and you wouldn’t catch me wearing any of this… or even sell it.

I guess it is some kind of bitter irony given how much I trash talk SL hair creators about their modeling skill 😛

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