Late night update.

Brief late night update!

  • I added an (optiona) automatic prisoner number generator, it is unique and fixed for all avatars, (I’ll share the code if others want to use it).
  • All major interactions have a small built in delay (1 second or less), specifically those that produce messages or sounds.
  • Touch areas check not only for range, but also evaluate whether you can realistically reach the object you are clicking from your location (example: from inside the cell, door closed, you can only pull the door handle if the hatch is open)
  • RLV restrictions via relay is in, I still need to do some testing to implement (optional) vision spheres.
  • Experience Force-teleport is in.
  • RLV Force-Teleport is in.
  • Some of the sounds are in and are inventory-based to help with modding, it is also fault tolerant (missing sounds won’t play at all).
  • All standard TouchBound locks and Heavy-Duty locks are implemented.
  • Mod-friendly animation system, resizing & moving parts ‘should’ be handled gracefully (no hard-coded positions & scales on anything).
  • Very satisfying light switch & neon light?

3 Responses to “Late night update.”

  • Yardley Footman:

    I would love to see some kind of prison-based cuff control system. I’m so tired of MSP cuffs. I’d like to have ONE set of cuffs that I can make fit, and then “register” them with the prison when I’m taken in (click the box while wearing the cuffs). Likewise the guards have a touchbound hud registered on the same box. Click on a different box when you’re released, or have the guards unregister your cuffs.

  • Always tricky to come up with a solution that appeals to users enough to be worth a buy, without introducing “yet another competitor” 🙂

  • Yardley Footman:

    Well, it’s a matter for the visitors of not having ten different sets of the same thing, all of which must be positioned/resized while they’re invisible, one for each place they visit. I figured this wouldn’t be too much different than the Touchbound system, just that the ID is assignable to the same thing per prison.

    (Oh, and can you take out my email/icon from the above?)

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