More random code.

Today I scripted a very small proof of concept of an adaptive “gag”. The idea is that instead of using a fixed blacklist of words you cannot use, this one works the other way and you can only use words that are whitelisted.

Then things got slightly out of control and I made a very basic “learning” system, where the object listens on local chat and if a word is repeated enough times, it is automatically added to the known word list.

That’s pretty much like learning to talk I suppose, excepted that your vocabulary is entirely contained in a single 64k script, which makes it extremely limited, this is waaaay below “bimbo” level.

I’m running a few tests, trying to tweak the learning mechanism to avoid clogging it with garbage… Having it start from zero does suck quite a bit, it makes it impossible to be understood.

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  • Jemsyn Fairlady:

    Could you spread the vocabulary over more than one script, or place it on a notecard a single script could read from?

  • Well since the vocabulary is adaptive and self learned, a notecard isn’t an option anymore, escepted to provide a “basic set” that you want to have no matter what.

    The current iteration of my test code also has the option to ban from learning words with apostrophes and plurals (it still counts as learning the singular form).

    The problem with spreading the vocabulary across multiple scripts is that you can’t query the in immediate mode anymore and have to do linked message exchange, which is fine, in theory. But in practice it could become problematic with lag, and the fact that sentences contain 10+ words that need to be evaluated one by one.

    I also added a list of banned words because some important words are just too easy to learn :p

    I’ll post more about this if it ever leaves the prototype stage!

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