About transparency levels

I realise I probably should have showcased this when i made the Lorelei hoods.

So here is what makes “my” transparency special:

  • It is not a “flat” transparency: There are various levels, the latex is a little less transparent inside creases for instance.
  • The glue seams are “thicker”: In the real world if you put two semi transparent pieces of latex on top of each others, the result is roughly twice less transparent, I tried to include this “feature” into my transparent garments.
  • The zippers are fully opaque: I have yet to see a zipper that actually look transparent in the real world. This means that on my catsuits, the zippers are fully visible at all time.

All those little details are, what i believe, making my transparent latex pretty unique and realistic. As I said before with the hoods, not every color is equal when doing transparency, some are barely shadowing the skin and some really overpower it with their own color, and that’s why I offer 3 transparency levels with no extra fees.

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