I’m back!

I’m back!

This little break was much-needed, ( I forgot to say in my earlier post that is was only going for ONE WEEK! ) sadly i didn’t enjoy it as much as i wanted, because i had to reformat my computer (backups, format, fuckups and reinstalling everything) which took about 3 days.

Since monday my time was spent on two things:

  • Some changes on ethernia.net, let’s face it, this website is slow (EDIT: MUCH FASTER NOW!).
  • More work on TouchBound.

On this second point i started the quite ambitious task of converting the TouchBound base code so an object can draw more than one chain, this is a very “hairy” task because 90% of the code only assume that you have the lock on one side and the chain point on the other.

Those changes would allow items like the chastity belt to exist ( I made a very nice sculpted one and simply shelved it when i realised how complex the script was going to be.

The initial goal hasn’t changed, I’m still working on reducing the differences between all the TouchBound items script wise, and relying more on lists and not if/else stacks.

It’s a pretty daunting task because I will most likely have to rewrite every single TouchBound objects in the end.

I want to thank everyone for their patience while I take care of this… and fail to release the new pony bridle…

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