A little visit in the wasteland sims

Here is the result of a little visit in the Wasteland sims, I hadn’t been here in a long time.

Performance wise, even without the shadows enabled, this is a fairly busy sim when it comes to visuals, and because of it, my FPS where abysmal (i apologise for not using anti aliasing for the pictures).I suppose all the jagged buildings blend the borders between the parcels more than would classic/neat builds. I spent a little time visiting some of the various builds, especially Penny Patton’s little shop/warehouse. There was a few underground tunnels to visit too.

I visited this place a while ago and it seems to have evolved for the better in general.

I do have some criticism about the project although. In my opinion the sims are really densely packed, it almost feels a bit unnatural for a wasteland themed sim, unless you’re thinking about , lets say the DC area in Fallout3 , but i think my frame rate would say thank you to a less tightly packed layout.

This is the kind of projects that would probably benefit from being hosted on OpenSim, the whole “Sell products to pay the land it is sold upon” pressure, even if it isn’t as obvious as the rest of SL is still very present and tend to spoil the experience a bit. Again a grid solely dedicated to the project would offer better performances and a more unified experience.

Another thing i feel the estate is missing is a cohesive soundscapes, most of the radios are nice but the changes of style and mood are very aggressive, where you would expect a very discreet musical ambience like you would get in Fallout3’s desert. (Although some are actually quite nice and fitting)

Happy Bivouac – The Junkyard
Ruined Prim tower – The Junkyard
The Atom Outpost – The Junkyard
The Wastelands, Post Apocalypse in SL : Fort Stygian
The High Mesa, Cormac
Air China cargo flight 281A, + The Abyss Bar , The Great Fissure

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