New products, the touchbound nipple piercings serie!

I just released this!

The rings have all the classic features of a TouchBound product, that means you can draw chains from and to the rings to and from any other TouchBound product, that includes between the rings obviously but also snap a leash to it or tether it to a fixed object.

If you have my cuffs, they can also be tied to the nipples and have special poses for Right/Left wrist to right/left nipple and also criss crossed.

They use a different locking mechanism, through the use of a special tool for opening and closing the rings. Just like at the piercing parlour 🙂

If you feel it’s not enough you can still use touchbound padlocks on it to secure the chain, which also prevent using the piercing tool.

The rings also support to attach/detach cosmetic accessories, like stretching weights, but this can, like the padlock appearance, be indefinitely extended with future products, the weights are not restricted in their use, like the padlocks, if they are rezzed  in world, anyone can use them.

As usual i try to not be too excessive with Prims and keep the number of scripts to a minimum.

The ring package contains everything you need:

  • Left and right rings accurately sized to 10 gauge wire with a 13 millimeter diameter (you can resize them if it’s too small/large for you but by default that’s their real life size)
  • Fingerprint padlock
  • Piercing tool
  • 3 silver weights from 1oz. to 3oz.

As usual, the piercing tool and the weight can also be bought separately , for the Dom/mes that have no interest in wearing the rings themselves but still would like their own copy of the tools and accessories.


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