SecondLife Viewer 2 improvement

This is a little trick i found that changed my daily life using the Viewer 2.x for SecondLife.

They made this sort of tray bar where every popups dock after a few seconds, i kind of like this concept because then multiple IM windows do not take so much space, however what always drove me nuts was that if you didn’t interact with the popups (they are called “toaster popups by the way) they would auto dock into the corresponding “category”.

That made the thing extremely frustrating for me especially with objects permissions requests and dialog menus.

Thankfully, this is a thing of the past, here is how i solved this problem:

  • In Preferences -> Chat, uncheck both options in “Enable incoming chat popups” This will prevent group chat and Instant messages from creating toaster popups (they will still create a little “chat bubble” button in the tray bar)
  • hit CTRL + ALT + D (or CTRL + ALT  + SHIFT + D if it works for you) to reveal the Advanced/Develop toolbar buttons if you haven’t them active already.
  • In Advanced -> Show debug settings, lookup the value “NotificationToastLifeTime” and change it from it’s default (5 seconds) to an absurdely high number under 214748368.

What it does is that it stops IMs and chat to show popups, which usually are redundant since docked chat windows with new messages are marked with an orange bubble. And it also makes any other popup window remain (almost) permanently on screen until clicked, so you have all the time you want to accept this hug request or that other menu thing.

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