KDC Isolation headphones released!

KDC Isolation headphones released!

I have to admit, it took me quite a while (way too long actually) to finish this product, sooo here it is.

It’s basically a complementary object to my stuffed ballgag. the ballgag prevent you to talk, the isolation headphones prevent you to hear.

  • It’s obviously RLV enabled (otherwise it wouldn’t really work)
  • It has sounds, to put it on/off, buttons click, locks… lock.
  • The main chat button has a circular timer that ticks down when enabled.
  • For those who NEED their ability to receive IMs (like if you are a content creator) there is a way to “disable” the IM blocking feature.
  • It can be worn around the neck, and peoples can put it over your head in one click.
  • It can be locked (this part took me a LONG time, trying tofigure out an elegant and somewhat believeable method to do so)
  • The hud is AWESOME (my best HUD so far) with a full RGB color selector (I think I will extend it to my chrome product line)
If you want more precise informations, the wiki page is up at the following URL:
It’s available on the marketplace:

One Response to “KDC Isolation headphones released!”

  • Vanilla:

    They look awesome!

    I have an idea for them, could they have a pose inside where I hold one ear with my hand and kinda move my head to an unheard rhythm when they are blocking my chat, for instance? Then people will understand better why I can’t hear them, more than paying attention to a red button 🙂

    Hope it helps!


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