kdc.ethernia.net now support SSL

Because i truly believe that what we are doing on the Internet is no one’s business, whether we have something to hide or not, i support the use of SSL on as many websites as possible, so it’s only logical that i try to have a working ssl version of my blog.

So what is this SSL thing about?

For the non geeks amongst us, when you or i browse websites, every information i send and receive from said website travel in “plain text” format, which means that anyone that is relaying this piece of information from me to it’s destination, and vice verse can very easily see what websites i am looking at or what keywords i entered on google.

When you use an SSL website (if the URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://” the information are encrypted both ways between you and the website you are visiting.

That means that, yes your ISP may know that you are connecting to this, or that computer, they know you are probably visiting a website, but they cannot see what you are doing.

This is used by many online shops and online banking systems, usually everything involving sums of money is secured through SSL.

Why does it matter?

Because it shouldn’t be limited to this! Many governments are starting to complain about the rise in encrypted communications.

Saudi Arabia was about to ban Blackberry cellphones because they couldn’t easily access the encrypted information between Blackberry cellphones and RIM’s servers.

Google started a new beta service where you can connect to them and perform searches in https (  ), it doesn’t offer yet all the the common functions like image search but it’s already a nice step forward.


The bottom line is that as surveillance systems become faster and more efficient, it is vital in order to keep our freedom that we use the tools that are available today to protect ourselves. If SSL browsing (and encrypted communications in general) becomes more widespread it will make general surveillance nearly impossible.

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