News from the psychic ward

Something coming soon in a secondlife near you…


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  • Sophia Barrett:

    Kyrah that looks amazing, please tell me you’re making a latex version as well!

  • Looks promising *smirks*

    By the way… what happened to the “buggy rollin’” project? It’s been ages since I last read something about it.

  • Latex? Yes i will, as soon as i get a satisfeying white canvas one i will look into making a set of latex textures 🙂

    As for the buggy rollin, well i’m more an animator by obligation than because i’m really good at it, so i never got around making the nice animations and the scripts needed for the buggy rollin thing to take off.
    Add to this that i changed my avatar height and most of those stuffs don’t fit me anymore…
    Well yeah it’s in a dusty trunk like many stuffs i never finished, it’s becoming a speciality 🙂

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