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The kdc asylum: wash, rince, repeat

Ishy has been kind enough to draw me a new asylum floorplan and here are the results of 2 furious days of prim copying:

This U shaped building contain the following rooms:

  • A Lobby
  • 5 patient low security cells
  • A common room for patients
  • A “group” padded room (?)
  • A large outside recreation area
  • The warden office
  • 3 large therapy rooms on two levels
  • Showers & changing room
  • A cafeteria & kitchen
  • A roomy staff lounge
  • 6 high security padded cells with ceiling light well

Yeah i know it isn’t really productive when it comes to KDC but that’s like the manor my two “long run” “unfinished” projects.

Back from holidays

It has been a loong week and there is prolly too much to tell, simply said i was on a family meeting, which was organized on a cruise boat, we ran across the northern sea, if you can bear your family, i guess it’s pretty cool.

Hopefully the boat was big enough.

Now i’m back and i have plenty of things to do, namely, polish some stuffs on my new vendor and finish the different statistic displays.

I really really need to get back on track SL wise.

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