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more updates about the manor

The ceilings of the basements are still smelling fresh paint but i can finally start on the first floor, a lot of space for having guests, with no less than 3 living rooms connected by collapsible glass doors to turn it in a huge ballroom, a veranda and a decent library.

summer is coming

It’s hot here, really hot, i wonder how i’m going to work in the next weeks. I am preparing a partnership with a friend in SL and i need to convert my vendor to something easier to administrate… this is going to take a little while i think.

For now i’m going to lay low in the shadow and wait for the colder hours to sleep.

Kyrah Abattoir
Creating BDSM/Fetish content for Second Life since 2004.

Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, thinks she can even make video games.
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