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Another dull time

Yes not much novels from me, my work and all recently, it has been very slow again. Yet i managed to make myself a very nice LSL editing setup with ScitE and the LSLInt. I have never been fond of being kind of forced to be in sl to write proper code, now with this i have the syntax highlighting, the hints for the functions and it even check if my code is valid. This is pretty much convenient as a lot of times i want to write a piece of code quickly without having to go in SL for it.

Speaking of it, i am still working on the KDC Ponygirl sulky. It is becoming a pretty complex piece of code 🙂 Lets say i just want to produce the very best 🙂 Here is a quick summary of the features:

  • 3 places, 2 passengers and the pony.
  • Touch menu for every users and special admin menu for the owner
  • The sulky will only start when the owner is seated, at any spot  (now your pony isn’t forced to own the sulky).
  • Lock unlock function if you want to park it somewhere or just want to prevent any uninvited passenger.
  • Eject function to remove any unwanted passenger 🙂
  • Smooth mouse steering, good maneuverability and constant speed on rough terrain, thanks to the special torque adaptive KDC gearbox.
  • 3 speed settings accessible by the pony (pg up pg down) or by the admin menu.
  • fully notecard configurable AO for the pony, if you don’t like my animations you can put yours (you can set standing, forward and backward walk for the 3 speed settings)
  • notecard configurable pony overlay, if you want to add a specific arm pose, complete with configurable LockMeister anchors, and if you don’t like mines you can put yours.
  • toggle able pony walking sounds.
  • notecard configurable passenger seats animations, if ytou don’t like mines you can … well :).
  • toggle able pony “hints” (the pony get a private message that you made a slight pull left or right, etc…) so you can send silently the direction to take for the next crossroad , a bit like reins 🙂
  • the wheels spin in the speed and direction the sulky is going.
  • transparency adjustable steering hud.
  • anti stuck feature (that kind of work) so the sulky try to unstuck itself, if you rez it in the middle of another object for example.

Well its not all finished yet, as the animations cause me some problems, i guess i am not that good at animating.

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