Sad day for little France

Sad day for little France


Here is a little summary of the sapper work the government majority worked on during the last 5 years. Apparently for some peoples giving up citizen freedom to curb violence and terrorism is a fair trade. Sometimes i wonder why i am still part of this country. Today might be the first stone that will entomb the freedom of information on the French internet. A sad and dark day indeed.

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  • Woah, found my way here aswell. ^^
    Anyway, this reminds me of a thing Benjamin Franklin said:
    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    It is with interest, sometimes horrified, I follow the “developments” of making internet “safer”, while also noticing how the walls crawls closer. Hence I support EFF.
    Sometimes its economical interests the like to take a bite out of the internet and deprive us of some liberites, sometimes its the dogma people… and sometimes its the whole wolfpack of greed and narrowmindedness…

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