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Quick update

Textures where re rendered twice (due to a glitch), composed in photoshop with highlights and ambient occlusion, uploaded and applied to the sl garments, product pictures for all the colors were taken and the sales panel is done. I’m really tired, believe it or not.

I still have to box it all up and then, finally, release time.

But this is for tomorrow, just a little more patience 🙂

Riding pants: almost done

I believe this is my final iteration for the latex riding pants, everything is pretty much in place and the creasing looks satisfying ( To me and to Shigeko, who spent a LOT of time steering this project around ).

Here are a few screenshots of last night’s rendering. These will be available in dual color, as usual, but I think I will put one color pair, and its matching opposite in the same box instead of selling them separately. I might also do a few “special” colors, such as white/red and a couple of others, maybe sell a “pick your color” box, where you can basically IM me and tell me which colors you want.

It appears that I get a lot more comments on the bondage products than on the clothes… should I take this as a hint?

Server upgrade and fuckups

I spent the better part of yesterday setting up the server for a much-needed reboot (after 6 months uninterrupted), which ment updating everything, compiling a fresh kernel and in general, ensuring that the system would be in a stable state before restarting it.

Which wasn’t the case…

About 3 hours of outage around 2pm GMT+1 while i tried to figure out what had gone wrong (no physical access makes boot failure diagnostics difficult).

Thankfully, everything is now (mostly) back to normal.

Latex rider wear almost there!

I’m almost done fiddling with those pants, added some extra details and creases, I might tweak them a little more tomorrow, but I think we are at a point where I can “almost” consider it ready for final rendering,I’ve removed the pockets because it just didn’t look right.

It doesn’t look like much

Added some zips and pockets, thanks to Shigeko’s wise suggestions, and I have rebuilt the bump maps (those will be final hopefully) . Next step is to add some loops and studs here and there 🙂

In doubt? Add more latex.

Worked some more on the pants, i got work done on the waist line, and did some “latexing” tests with the whole thing. I still have to insert the side zipper ( yes it’s gonna have a side zip 🙂 ) and then build the belt mesh. After that, add creases, render, touch it up in Photoshop and it should be done!

Making some riding pants!

That’s right, finally something Dommes can wear 🙂 It’s far to be completed so please be indulgent 🙂

(I’m not abandoning the chastity belt, I might work on those two projects alternatively.)

Happy new year!

I wish everyone in SecondLife, every gamers, game developers and content creators a happy new year!

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