Stepping stone

I’ve been reading a book about poser this morning and i’m trying to devise animations for my bathtub project, the main challenge being that it is a “pedestal” type of bathtub, and i want to animate it fully, wich also means a “walk-in” animation.

Added difficulty, making the avatar look like it is ACTUALLY walking the steps up, wich means i need to import in poser, somehow, the bathtub primwork, wich i did but i had to literally jump through hoops to get the bathtub to be “roughly” to the proper scale, because even if pose is in meters, the sl avatar in poser is like .. 1.45 meters, while ruth in sl tower at 1.85 meters.

I started placing a couple ‘key’ frames, a picture is worth a tousand words.


It’s .. “about right” in SL, i’m kinda hoping that making the animation fluid and natural will divert peoples from the fact their feets “might” sink/hover in/on the steps.

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