Some more pet projects…

I’ve been a bit away from sl those days, short of some social interaction, i didn’t feel like building, or well… scripting.

I’ve spent some time working on a new pet project of mine, wich is my personal gamemode for Gmod, for those who don’t know Gmod, it’s some kind of very flexible sandbox game built on the HL2/Source engine.

It’s not SL, but it’s different, in many way it’s more powerfull creation wise.

Well enough talk, here are a couple of screenshots that show what i’ve been up to.



Some more skinning …
The language is called lua, it’s not the first time i see it and it’s quite different from LSL and PHP and in many ways more powerful.

The code is split into a server, a client part, and a shared part. The client part is just a dream to work with when making interfaces and fullscreen effects compared to SL.

I’m not even going to mention the word “SHADER” compared to SL when making models and materials for them.

Don’t worry everyone, i’m not planning to leave SL just yet, but … i’m trying to broaden my horizon, and generally get my head out of SL so i start having good ideas again.

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