The difficults in relocating

Okay before anybody asks this post is solely about real life.

Sometimes i feel moving to a new place is made needlessly harder than it should be…
Yesterday, probably due to the roadwork that is going on around my city block every single days of the year, we had a power outage of a bout 20 minutes.
After the power cam back on i discovered with aprehention that my DSL modem stays stuck on an error code.

After a bit of meddling and ranting with the customer support, i learn that the Error-80 means that that this DSL modem gets rejected by the authentication server.

In essence, since i filled a relocation form (i’m moving in a new appartment) even tho the DSL line is supposed to still work until the end of the month, it seems it apply only if the DSL modem is already authenticated, so as long as it stays on.

The database being already set for my new appartment location, the old place isn’t associated with the dsl modem anymore, the power outage was basically the ‘trigger’ of something they probably did a week ago.
The second bad new:  it also takes them like 72 hours(?!) to “fix” it because the propagation system isn’t instantaneous.

Well… considering i’m moving out this Sunday and tha they would have to swap it again (72 hours of delay again, aparently their system do not allow one modem to be declared in multiple places) to the new place, i figured i just didn’t want to bother with this crap.

I just made a quick trip to my new place and plopped down the modem, work like a charm, so i guess i will stay without a connection until sunday. In the meantime, my nice upstairs neightbor is lending me her wifi connection so i can still do light stuffs on my laptop.

This pisses me off but oh well, it allowed me to get going with dismantling the furnitures and all that stuff so in a way it isn’t really a BAD thing.

However… it made me realize that i feel silence is actually… opressing. Right now i’m writing down this post, with only the humming of my laptop and the queit woosh of the fan (today is another of those summer days where the air is so thick you can feel it (27°C in the shadow of my lair at 3:45pm)

On this point, my new place is ACTUALLY VERY COOL in every senses of the term, being a bit below the ground has some serious advantages in summer.

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