Opensimulator’s Hypergrid, that’s a quite interesting concept…


So basically… in order to mesh the many disconnected grids that pop left and right, the made scientists from opensimulator.org invented the hypergrid protocol, long story short it’s a system that allow one server grid to create a “gateway” to another grid.

For instance here you can see the two sims from the etherniagrid (my personal testbed) ‘Core’ and ‘The Outlands’

Those are mine, however all the other sims are not actually hosted on my grid, they are gateways, basically if you teleport in one of them, the two grid do their mumbo jumbo and Presto! you are actually connected in a different grid.

What makes it really mind bending is that you don’t actually NEED to have an account on the other grid, they do some kind of handover, also, you keep your apparence and .. i think your inventory is still connected to the old grid (i think)

I haven’t found yet how to go back home without logging out but , hey that’s quite impressive in itself.

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