Left 4 dead didn’t prevent me to work :)

Well even if i’ve been having a blast with the demo of left 4 dead ( http://www.l4d.com/ ) i still found time to continue on my little leather outfit, and here is the result , so far.

I DO have to give up on makin a sculpted belt to cover the textured one, it seems the sl avatar is varying too much here to allow anything decent looking, i’ve now done stitches in places i feel are realistic, added the little eyelets on the straps made the gloves and the tights. I’m pondering if it’s worth anything to make scultped straps for the legs and arms, and if yes… shall i do strap holders like on the others?

The shading is still a little off and really overkill on the arms but i won’t touch up this part much until i solve my problems with color profiles on my computer, no interest really to work the shading if imnot sure what i’m doing is accurately replicated on other people’s screen.

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