High tech virtuality and system failures

I am finally the proud owner of a z800 3D head mounted display, this little baby is built around two 800×600 OLED screens. Experimentations and tests along as some system problems explain my rather silent attitude recently. I will try to get back to work very soon.

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  • Taz:

    I have a KDC Shock Collar. when I am shocked the vision become blurry. my question is how long is the vision suppose to be blurry? I was shocked and the vision was blurry for over 15 minutes without any relief until I logged out then back in again. there has to be an alternative to clear the vision issue.

  • Yes, this can happen in some regions if messages are not being received by the client. When the pixelation is supposed to end, the collar actually sends the clearing message 3 times to be sure that it arrives, but sometimes it is still not enough.
    Thank you for the feedback I will try to solve this issue.

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