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I don't want my key listed!

Please see this thread for a more complete discussion why there are no reasons to worry about having your avatar key listed

What legitimate uses are there for a database like this?

Key2Name databases allow for website owners a seamless name/key conversion, if i make a form that ask you your SL name i can get instantly your key and , for example order an object inworld to send you a gift (or various other purpose) . Websites like SLExchange and SLBoutique use such databases when you want to send a gift object.

I can't find the key I want!

Since the key/name pair collection is an almost manual process (i do not rely on name.cache files , merely on merging other databases and scanners placed on my land) It is impossible to ensure that every existing keys are available. But 90% of the regular SL users are referenced.

Can i use scripts to consult this database?

Yes but only sparingly, use simply this syntax: "name2key.php?name=firstname+familyname" in GET request, the data returned will be just the key , in text format. If you abuse of this service i will simply close it.

My scripts say that I exceeded my quota!

Because we cannot have nice things I had to add a throttle system. Each SecondLife avatar (and all objects owned by this avatar) has "request points", each request will use 1 point and your request point bank replenish of 1 point every 5 seconds. Your point bank can contain a maximum of 20 points. If you do not have points left, you will receive an error message and the status code returned will change from '200:Ok' to '429: Too Many Requests'.

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