KDC RevoSuit
Type: 2D, 3D.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop.
This is a latex catsuit texture I made for Second Life, with rich shines, detailed creases at the joints, zips and glue seams. I made a total of 24 colors, only presented in red here.
The complete garment use two 512×512 pixels textures and is mapped to fit the Second Life Avatar.

KDC Laminated cuffs
Type: 2D, 3D, programming.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Eclipse, LSLForge.
I wanted to design a new pair of cuffs that had a certain industrial beauty, with clean lines and simple mechanism, yet where also very rigid and heavy-duty looking.
Since this was going to be a true 3D mesh i made a high-definition mode for working in the texture and a low definition model to upload in Second Life.

KDC Institutional straitjacket
Type: 2D, 3D, programming.
Programs used: 3d studio max, Photoshop, Eclipse, LSLForge.
This was quite a challenging project, mainly because converting the model from 3dsMax to Second Life’s “scupted prim” format was a long and tedious process. I initially textured this object following the classic “hospital” style and then added leather and rubber.

Type: Programming.
Programs used: Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL.
A project requested by a client, I wrote from scratch a small template system in order to separate the database and logic from the presentation (mvc style) so the friend i worked with on the project could focus solely on the user interface and presentation and not have to worry about the PHP side, which was my part of the job, the site came with a set of static pages, a secure administration interface with news management, project showcase, image upload, a newsletter system and contact form.

Interior project
Type: 2D, 3D.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Unity3D.
Lightmapped interior models that I was contracted to create for a game project, it was never finished.

KDC Lined chrome collar & cuffs
Type: 2D, 3D, programming.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Eclipse, LSLForge.
I wanted to go for a sleek and slim design on this project, the large rings contrast nicely with the sheet of chrome that compose them, the texturing is pretty simple, yet elegant. It’s a mix of regular primitive objects for accent and sculpted primitives.

Type: Server administration.
Programs used: Gentoo Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL.
My production Gentoo Linux-based web server. It features php and python server-side programming, MySQL and sqlite database handling, IceCast streaming, per user FTP access and virtual host configuration, remote administration through SSH, per virtual host permissions and automatic daily backup.
It is currently serving 21 websites.

KDC Web-based vendor system
Type: Programming.
Programs used: LSLForge, Dreamweaver
This is my vendor system developed for my own usage in Second Life, it features a customer front end in world that is connected to a PHP/MySQL backend, and a redundant system of delivery servers in Second Life. Each sale is handled by the back-end and dispatched in real-time to the delivery servers.
It also features a web-based administration system that allow to create product collections, set prices, product pictures, groups for objects available in multiple colors, compute charts and transaction logs.

Type: Programming.
Programs used: LSLForge.
Within Second Life there are two competing engines for avatar-particle visual effects.
Over time, Lockmeister (my own) has become the main choice for use within this platform because of its speed, ease of use and flexibility.

Crystal short movie
Type: 3D, video compositing.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Final cut pro, After effect.
A short movie that was my 3D Art graduation project, it’s a short and melancholic story about a woman waking up on an operation table, discovering that she was turned into a cyborg.

Architectural rendering
Type: 2D, 3D.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop.
This house was built from architectural blueprints, rendered in a realistic style and inserted into a natural background. This is the typical kind of work that a 3D artist can do on architecture projects to offer a preview of a building and it’s integration in it’s final location before construction.

Dragon whip
Type: 2D, 3D.
Programs used: 3D studio max, Photoshop, Illustrator.
A school project on low polygon modeling.
Since it was pretty much a freeform subject, i picked to make a whip in the style of the combat video games like SoulCalibur and Bayonetta.

Project red-dot
Type: 3D
Programs used: 3D studio max
Various models I made for a post-apocalyptic half-life mod that never really took off.
Modeled in 3dsMax.