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10Gauge Nipple piercings 10Gauge Nose ring

Supported TouchBound functions

Note: At this point in development, TouchBound nipple piercings do not have any embedded custom poses, however they are the target of numerous wrist cuff poses.

Supported locks


Each piercing is designed to be worn on the “chest” attachment point, because of this, you have to use the “add” button in your inventory instead of the “wear” button, otherwise you won't be able to wear both at the same time.

The piercings can be “soft” locked using the piercing tool. For more security you can also add a padlock once the bead is in place, this will lock any chain in place and also prevent the use of the piercing tool.


Nipple piercings can support several kinds of decorative attachments:

  • Attaching them is done like most accessories, by clicking the accessory, and clicking the nipple ring.
  • Only one attachment can be worn per ring at any time.
  • Trying to attach another accessory will replace the existing one.
  • Accessories cannot be locked.

Nose ring specificities

  • Cannot receive weights.
  • Light version: Is limited only to the captive bead “soft” locking, for those not interested in nose bondage.
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