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Item name: KDC Lined Chrome Collar Low prim, realistic look
Prims: copy, modify Biometric & key locking systems
Prim count: 25 Alert system
Scripts: copy Point-to-point chaining (objects & avatars)
Script count: 4 Records time spent locked
Version: 1 RLV Compatible (via RLV Activator)
Compatible with: TouchBound System Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Leash Handle, Thether Point, RLV Activator, Padlock Sets


  • The collar can be worn on either the spine or the chest.
  • The front ring and back lock section of the collar define, respectively, the front ring and the back lock for the touch system.
  • See the Overview for core information on how the TouchBound System works.


The collar works with both the KDC biometric and the KDC key locking systems, but is only supplied with a biometric padlock.

  • Biometric Padlocks: Usually bear a fingerprint reader or other recognition device. They can only be operated by authorised users.
  • Key Padlocks: Are traditionally-style padlocks that require a key. However, the KDC system uses an advanced locking system. Keyed padlock sets can be purchased through any KDC vendor

For detailed information on both systems, please refer to the KDC Bondage System Padlocks.

Touch Functions

This section provides a complete overview of the possible collar interactions. It is includes for reference purposes. Given the intuitive nature of the system, I strongly encourage you to experiment by yourself, it's more fun that way :)

Note that in the instructions below, “[item 1] → [item 2]” means that you MUST touch item 1 then item 2 to achieve the desired effect; while “[item 1] ↔ [item 2]” means you can touch EITHER item 1 OR item 2 first to achieve the desired effect.

  • Collar back ↔ Padlock: Locks the collar (if it was unlocked). Note if the collar is detached when locked, an alert message will be sent to the person who locked it.
  • Collar back ↔ Biometric padlock: Locks the collar (if it was unlocked) or unlock it (if the fingerprint matches).
  • Collar back ↔ Key: Unlock the collar (if the key matches).
  • Collar front ↔ Padlock: Lock the leashing ring (if it was unlocked)
  • Collar front ↔ Biometric padlock: Lock the leashing ring (if it was unlocked) or unlock it (if the fingerprint match).
  • Collar front ↔ Key: Unlock the leashing ring (if the key match).
  • Collar front → Any compatible item: Draw a chain from the collar to the object, or remove it.

Notes on Leashing and Chains

  1. When the leashing ring is locked, you can't draw a chain from it, or remove the active chain if it was already on; it is effectively locked in it's current state.
  2. Any chain/leashes can be removed by anyone by redoing the chaining sequence if the leashing ring isn't padlocked, with the exception of leash handles; in this specific case case, only the leash handle owner can draw/remove the chain.
  3. You can draw as many chains as you want across the same person (allowing you to make complex hobble/chain patterns, however due to a limitation in the way constraining an avatar works, you can only use ONE chain to link the wearer to a static object or to another avatar. If you attempt to use more than one chain, the object will inform you that it isn't possible.
  4. Some objects might reserve the leashing function because they are already affecting the user's movements in some way. If this happen, the object will inform you that the leash function is in use.
  5. When chained to another avatar (through the use of a leash handle, or another bondage piece) or to an object, the wearer cannot move too far away from the point he/she is chained to. The maximum distance is automatically set to the distance between the wearer and the object/person he/she is tied to.

RLV Capabilities

When used in conjunction with an RLV compatible client and the KDC RLV relay, the following options are made available:

  • If the collar is locked, the wearer cannot remove it.
  • If the chain is drawn to a tether point (compatible leash handle or bondage equipment), the wearer won't be able to teleport or be teleported by anyone other than the owner of the leash handle / bondage equipment (force teleport).
  • The object will be forced to stand if the leash target move too far.

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