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The leverage straps

Touchbound PonyPlay bits automatically detect the presence of the TouchBound PonyPlay bridle and will display additional “leverage” straps that are ment to connect to the upper rings of the bridle. In real life, those straps allow the trainer to fully utilise the leverage given by the long shanks, they also allow a more comfortable, less tight fitting of the bit mouthpiece, since the entire bridle is supporting it's weight, instead of the jaws.

These additional straps will automatically disappear when the bit is in the “down” position (we can assume that the trainer removed the lever straps in order to free the pony from the bit). And appear when in the “up” position.

If, after adjusting the position of your bit you cannot get the straps to visually connect properly, go in edit mode and use the “edit linked part” option. The leverage straps where built to allow you to easily stretch them to the proper length.

You can, using the same method adjust the depth of the chin strap.

Adjusting the bridle chin strap

Sadly the bridle had to be made out of a single piece, if you ar eusing a bit you might want to get the chin strap of the bridle further against the throat. An easy trick to do this (which i use myself) is to rotate the entire bridle forward, a couple degrees. It will lower the forehead a little and allow you to tuck the chin strap far enough to let the mouth open properly.

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