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A multi-usage valve piece

This is by far the most useful part I’ve made for the pipe kit. When I was fishing for references, I noticed that some globe valves and check valves looked basically identical, (with the exception that globe valves have a wheel turret). On top of it, they also kinda look like 3 way manifolds.

The last 3 pictures show 3 possible configurations:

  • As a check valve (the top face is a service panel)
  • As a 3 way manifold (the top face is a flange)
  • As a globe valve (the top face is the turret mount)

(The turret is borrowed from the 1 meter pipe set, I have a different turret and wheel type in mind, I just haven’t made them yet)

I should be working

I’ve tried to rest my wrists since last friday, I suspect I might have strained them a little too much.

And another valve

Another wafer valve, this time for the 30cm/12-inch pipes. I changed the design a little bit too, to keep it visually interesting.

It turns out the wheel I’ve already made works well on it (without a gearbox). The small side is adapted to the 10cm pipes, if you want to use that like some weird junction.

30cm supports complete

The threaded-rod ones are a lot more versatile in my opinion.

30cm support elements

I started working on these today since I lacked time and wanted something that could be ready to post about very quickly.

I might have to make “short” versions for those cases where the floor/walls/ceiling aren’t deep enough to hide the unused part of the support piece.

knife valve done, and a few support struts

I figured this might interest someone?

The first 4 pictures are the custom LOD models I made for the knife valve, despite how aggressive the last one is, it’s still quite a few LI (only so much I can do without being a complete pig with it)

I’ve also made a few stackable strut pieces, nothing too fancy.

It’s so big!

I just finished unwrapping it!

Took me way too long because I figured that someone is going to try to use unique textures on it and I wanted to at least make sure that the UVmap wouldn’t make that impossible.

Even by butchering the LODs (test upload), I cannot get this thing to go below 3LI. I suspect it’s going to be a headache to get it low enough for people to want to use it.

Sidenote, I’m gonna put the valve body bolts on their own face.

Good but not good enough

I don’t really have enough progress to show for today, I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

Knife valve in progress

Here are a few iterations on this part, from the earliest, up to where I currently am with it.

The initial version had far too many of those ribs, less is more here.

I do have to make the body a bit more “stout” to meet with that piece of tube that comes from the top flange set.

Gearbox and hand wheel

Gearbox and hand wheel completed!

They are separate from the wafer valve body itself to allow more flexible orientation. To go with it, i completed a fairly “worn out” hand wheel for it, it has a fairly long shaft for flexibility, and you can stick it on either ends of the gearbox (both ends of the gearbox are closed caps for this reason), or even both.

The wheel is also separate, so you can remove it entirely, or script it for rotation.

The gearbox has a small circular window on the side, unwrapped to make it easy to “slide” a texture across it, can be useful for an indicator.

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