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XStreetSL changes, is the Lab out of it’s mind?

Aparently there is an upcoming change on XstreetSL:

Monthly Listing Fee for Freebies of L$99

Umm… WHAT? Oh right they decided to blindly consider them as promotional tools… Yeah right, like if any freebie scripts i made for this community where shameless plugs for KDC… -_-

Minimum Commission of L$3 on all items priced L$1 or greater

Umm okay? i “can” roughly understand why they would do this…

Monthly Listing Fee of L$10 for all items L$1 or greater

WHAT? So now to be allowed to LIST a product it has to sell? What about all those stuffs peoples do that cater to a niche market? You know what Linden Labs? Screw you i can simply stop using the XStreetSL service, i’m paying you already enough for a sim that only do the bare minimum it’s supposed to do, i sure as hell am not going to let myself milked more by you pieces of shit.

Thank You to All of Our Xstreet SL Marketplace Users:
We’d like to thank all of our shoppers and merchants who have made the Xstreet SL Marketplace the success it is today.  The Marketplace continues to grow at a time when the real world economy continues to struggle.  We’d also like to thank all of the residents who helped us develop this plan.  Our plan of action was designed with your input on both what the issues are and great ideas of how to solve them.  We would not have such a well developed and thought out plan without you, so sincerely, thank you.

This is the final straw, are you guys shitting me? You really think i’m going to believe you asked ANYBODY in the community what they thought of it? How about standing by your decisions and admiting Linden Labs is looking for ways to get MORE of the transactions happening in SL into THEIR pockets?

About collars that include everything and the kitchen sink.

I could say i’m about as old as bdsm in SecondLife (not quite but nearly) in the few years i have been there i have seen a lot of things evolve, some ideas i started myself did take a life of their own in the hand of other creators.

In general, things have been evolving.

However, i do wonder if we do not tend to go the wrong way… as the title says, today, every major scripter in the BDSM community is making those “all in one” powerhouse collars that start to look more like multi function remotes than what they are supposed to mimic, a slave collar.

Tokon is pushing it to the extreme, their hud looks like one of those fancy next gen phone/electronic gadgets it has everything you can really think of that is remotely related to D/s and BDSM, so do amethyst’s collar, mine, and well…

…i now think that it sucks. Those tools turn your sub into a remote controlled robot, wich is fine if you fantazize to be a robot but, well… here is a thought:

  • A big part of what makes bondage thrilling is not just the finality but the process of being bound is important too, it’s a ritual.
  • What’s the point of having an animation tool for the master in a slave collar? Is the slave too dumb to assume the demanded position when His/Her Master demands it?
  • What is the connection between a slave collar and the inability to talk  or <insert other odd features here> ?
  • Why having a complex user access control system? what makes the collar magically reject inputs from everybody?
  • Why having so many toggleable functions, why not making collars for different type of peoples instead of a bloated “one size fits all” system?

I think going back to simpler items  could be a very good return to the origins, objects that mimic more accurately the activities IRL they are supposed to represent. However does not misunderstand me, by saying “simpler” i do not mean simpler coding, what i mean is getting rid of all those atrocious huds and menus and create more natural ways to access functions. ( why not making leashing trigger when the dom/me click his leash handle and then the sub collar? )

Bottom line, i think it should feel natural to use restraints and D/s toys, it shouldn’t feel like a program but like an electronic version of the real thing, it should feel logical and straightforward to handle, it should feel like using it is satisfeying, it needs this little feel that what you do is almost real.

Some more pet projects…

I’ve been a bit away from sl those days, short of some social interaction, i didn’t feel like building, or well… scripting.

I’ve spent some time working on a new pet project of mine, wich is my personal gamemode for Gmod, for those who don’t know Gmod, it’s some kind of very flexible sandbox game built on the HL2/Source engine.

It’s not SL, but it’s different, in many way it’s more powerfull creation wise.

Well enough talk, here are a couple of screenshots that show what i’ve been up to.



Some more skinning …
The language is called lua, it’s not the first time i see it and it’s quite different from LSL and PHP and in many ways more powerful.

The code is split into a server, a client part, and a shared part. The client part is just a dream to work with when making interfaces and fullscreen effects compared to SL.

I’m not even going to mention the word “SHADER” compared to SL when making models and materials for them.

Don’t worry everyone, i’m not planning to leave SL just yet, but … i’m trying to broaden my horizon, and generally get my head out of SL so i start having good ideas again.

New graphic card

Bought myself a new toy, GEFORCE GTX275, it was a pretty decent price, it’s not really a big performance boost i think but i was getting sick of ati cards.

Long silence & security breach

Well well i hope i will manage to sleep tonight, the whole kdc vendor network bugged itself in the middle of the afternoon after some guy tried (and succeeded) executing his code on my server through a joomla exploit, wich allowed him to, I assume, escalate privileges to root on my dated kernel using, yet another exploit.

That’s the second breach in the same joomla installation in two weeks but this time it really gave me cold sweats.

The said installation is completely disabled now until it’s owner either patch the exploit or get away with joomla altogether.

Well if you wanted a reason not to use joomla -_-

Everything else is back, up and running…

… for now.

Desert view


A very nice test of far distance landscape using layered sculpted megaprims, with shadows. Who would have guessed that far distance look very interesting with a subtle GLOW ?

Hey i’m on twitter by the way.

I may not be as prolific as Prokofy but my signal to noise ratio is MUCH better 🙂

Medium bug fix on the KDC Institutional Straitjacket

version 1.0 -> 1.1
There was a small bug with the whitelist refresh wich made it basically never refresh properly, well PM me for the update.

version 1.0 -> 1.1

There was a small bug with the whitelist refresh wich made it basically never refresh properly, well PM me for the update.

SJ Leather Texture pack released

It’s out, a nice texture pack for those that where kinda disapointed about my straitjacket and wished for a more kinky feel, now you can curl yourself in grainy, shiny leather 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

KDC Institutional SJ-LeatherPack

As usual, available from my shop, or the Dead realm shop directly in SL.

Rusty slave stuff

I have always had an interest in metal bondage stuff that looks like it’s old and used, with a little bit of “crudeness” too, a bit like slave shackles from the slavery time.

Here is a collar i made in this style, it’s kind of nice but imnot sure about it.

I would like some people’s opinion, would you like to see more stuffs like this? and if yes, what?


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