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Dull sunday

I’m back, spent a few hours adding some of my clothes to xstreetSL (former slexchange) had to redo most of the pictures which looked pretty bad.

I’m pretty happy with the result.

Sure it’s old stuffs but they still look good.

I need to do the last sprint to finish the leather outfit, find a catchy name and a price…

Sneak peek at my latest soon to be done outfit

New kitchen range model

I”ve been working in a final model for the kitchen range, which is supposedly the heart of the chores system. has:

-3 (four?) hot plates
-smoke chimney
-2 ovens
-baking oven
-water boiler 
-ashes collector

Lighting stuffs is fun!

Still on the house project here is a new object, took me -2 hours top.

New in progress stuffs

To go with my chores project i wrote a multi purpose attachment tool, well this little thing is great but it  has some data retension limits thus the attachments it use are limited to a single sculpt.

So as an exercise i started making various objects for the chores system. Here is the results of the past 3 days:


buckets: empty, water, soapy water, dirty soapy water, ashes, coal


i insist, each of these objects weight 1 prim :p

Something new (kinda)

I just made this for fun, it isn’t scripted and doesn’t use sculptis either (34 prims), also it’s only available in black.

Name your price if you think it’s worth selling!

Baby steps in Mudbox&Graphic tablet

I’l trying mudbox for adding details to meshes, and so far i think i’m not too bad :p

Trying out sl in shadows

A few screens of my little city with the shadows, i have to say that even if they aren’t ALL that obvious it seems to give some sort of thickness to things that is really appealing.

There is also a few quirks…

The asylum, first coat of paint

Ive fixed various of the super SL prim glitches and made almost all the external walls and windows of the asylum, it’s starting to look rather pleasant, also on Winter’s suggestion i pulled out in 3D the moldings at the top of each floor, it’s not very visible but i think it makes the walls more pleasant even if it’s unconcious. Sinister but not gritty, dark but not too gothic.

I think i like it.

The kdc asylum: wash, rince, repeat

Ishy has been kind enough to draw me a new asylum floorplan and here are the results of 2 furious days of prim copying:

This U shaped building contain the following rooms:

  • A Lobby
  • 5 patient low security cells
  • A common room for patients
  • A “group” padded room (?)
  • A large outside recreation area
  • The warden office
  • 3 large therapy rooms on two levels
  • Showers & changing room
  • A cafeteria & kitchen
  • A roomy staff lounge
  • 6 high security padded cells with ceiling light well

Yeah i know it isn’t really productive when it comes to KDC but that’s like the manor my two “long run” “unfinished” projects.

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