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Finally something to show!

Here is a nice screen of the result of … weeks really … of work on this uniform serie, i am still having problems on the gray and i am wondering maybe about a light gray version, for now i scheduled the following options:

-colors: lilac stripes, blue stripes, black, dark grey

-shoulder shape: pointed, mutton

-cuffs: closed, open with pleats

-collar style: normal, frilled, mandarin

-apron: short, long, short with pleats, long with pleats
-apron bib: round, square, 3 pannel, V shape, square with pleats, extra pleats on shoulder straps
-cap: plain headband, embroided headband , pillbox, mob cap

legend from left to right:
-lilac stripes, pointed shoulders, closed cuffs ,square bib and long plain apron.
-blue stripes, pointed shoulders, closed cuffs ,3 pannel bib and short plain apron.
-dark gray, pointed shoulders, closed cuffs ,square bib with pleats and long plain apron.
all displayed with pillbox cap (or whatever the name is)

Nothing to see…

I spent the whole day to revamp the light system i use for latex to adapt it for fabrics especially to change the intensity of shadows and lights. Nothing really concrete to show but it’s getting there.

Victorian maid, several apron bibs

We are getting there, here are a few bibs for the collection, any comments appreciated of course.

maid5.jpg maid41.jpg maid6.jpg maid7.jpg lilactest.jpg

And a test of a pinstriped lilac look, not there yet…

Victorian maid got starched cuffs

Call me anal, but i like when the dress nicely pleat under the cuff, so there we go:


In 3ds max, nicely detailed


In Secondlife, not as detailed, but i feel the essential is there, two prims and some texture et voila :p

Victorian maid got shoulder pads.

In my (slow) work on the victorian maid uniform serie for SecondLife, i have started working on one of the shoulder shapes (a very fashionable detail in victorian times). I am pretty satisfied of the result to be honest.

Below is the 2 hours shoulder construction in 3dsmax:


And here is the final shoulder padding in SL.


CornerShot mark four

Now that my little hardware related annoyances are things of the past, here is a little update of the cornershot model, the back of the gun is now complete (minus the backside wich is still mirrored and the lack of optics) .

It is definitely taking shape now.

cornershot 13 cornershot #11 cornershot 12

Note: the blue block is a placeholder for the front part that still need to be done.

The dark serie continue?


Sometimes you wonder what else will happen, well i finally had enough of my graphic card problems. It seems in my never ending luck i apparently got a defective graphic card. And it is raging on me since like 3 months.

Well i have enough of it now, so i ordered an NVIDIA 8800gtx 🙂
Now i just have to cross fingers that it was really the problem.

CornerShot mark three

another little update, i worked on some of the twisting handle, screws, grip that sort of stuffs, need to study some the hinge to make something proper, the first part of the hinge and the button supports are looking fine to me.


Cornershot mark Two

Another little update…
cornershot7.jpg cornershot8.jpg

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One fraggin’ Millions

Well just a little YAY because my name2key database just crossed the million of keys/name pairs, you can browse it here :

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