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welcome to butcher bay

in hommage to the universe of Richard B. Riddick, i am building a space detainment center in dead realm.

mine_1 mine_2 mine_3

new stuffs from kdc

vixen hood
I released this upgraded version of the hood i retired from sales, long time ago, available in 13 colors ^^, back zipped and with pipe details around the eyes and mouth.

And it’s little friend, in open faced version
N’Joy ^^ mark two


Considering the quite weak frequentation of i guess that nobody really noticed the change, i just finished the migration to a new web host, ME, in fact rather than renting a shared webhost for a revolting amount, i am now renting a physical server in a collocation, it has a pretty good hardware and open the way to new interresting possibilities and challenges.

some cool roller poses

in my armor project, some more pictures 😉
buggy2 buggy3.jpg buggy4.jpg

the rolling queen

Continuing my “buggy rollin” related work.
Next step, helmet and then the hard task of animating and scripting.
Enjoy this little photoshopped work 🙂


New power supply finally!

I finally received my new power supply wich i am pretty satisfied with, but a few pictures talk better than a long discussion.


first it look nice in shiny black, also its built on an enormous fan that suck the air from the cpu and blow it outside, and it has a jillion of cables with a plugging system on the psu and molex extractors so you don’r ruin your hard disk plugs with a stuck molex connector.

it has also a massive 750W power and massive 12V rails for future dual SLI configuration ^_^

“hey have spare L$ to give meh? LOLZ”

As you age slowly in sl and especially since LL opened the floodgates, you might stumble on a curious resident type that are desperately seeking ways to make money. Since the introduction of the 3 account levels system we have now these hordes gathered under the flag:
“no payment infos on file”. Read the rest of this entry »

time is long out of sl

i can’t wait to be back, i am just waiting for hours to pass, ideas piling in my head

PSU totaled

Ouch , bad odor day, my main computer’s Power supply started smelling some kind of toasted circuitry
, suspicious i shut down my computer, and well, it isn’t starting up again.

I ordered a new PSU, but it will take a few days before it arrive so no need to wonder why i am not in SL ^_^

buggy rollin’ !!

following an armor system invented by a french, here is the first images of the torso for my own armor

buggy rollin

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