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The tether points are available in several shapes to be easily integrated in your home or play space. They act as a fixed anchor point for your TouchBound System tools and toys and are LockMeister compatible.

Item name: KDC Tether Point
Prims: copy,modify
Prim count: 1
Scripts: copy
Script count: 1
Version: 1
Compatible with: TouchBound System Collar, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Padlock System


  • Click the tether point and then the tether ring on the person you wish to chain to this point ( the order you click the two elements does not matter ).
  • Repeat the operation to remove the chain.
  • The leash length is automatically set to the distance between the tether point and the slave when the leashing occurred.

IMPORTANT: You need to use a TouchBound System Padlock to secure the chain, otherwise, anyone can remove it.

RLV Features

  • A person who is tethered cannot teleport on their own or receive teleport offers from others.
  • A person who is tethered is limited to touching objects in their direct vicinity.
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