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Server outage

Such a feeling of “déjà vu” there.

Our server released the “magic smoke” and completely refused to boot during the weekend. Entire machine lost, data unrecoverable. Thankfully I had a partial backup from the day before so not everything was lost.

Saying that, it’s a partial backup, which means that, while the essential systems are restored ( site/vendor system mainly ) there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of data was lost.

Yes I know about the stack heap collision problem

I have an update for it almost ready to go but I’m not home and on a quickly draining laptop battery, I will roll out a hotfix the second I’m back!

Still stuck on the riding crop marks

Pretty much everything else is done, HUDs, holders, and I even made a new sound for the spade crop, but getting the riding crop marks to look right is taking some time.

I haven’t communicated enough lately…

The past two weeks have been extremely stressful due to some RL issues that are taking a toll on my “sanity”, it’s sapping my energy and my drive and I struggle to remain somewhat productive.

Summary of the good stuff:

  • The body doodle & impact engine for avatar 2.0 is pretty much code complete, that is, the prototype has all the required features implemented and it appears to work without any bugs. I will explain what it actually consists of at some point I swear…
  • I’ve also started a “cleanup” on the documentation wiki, the translation function was a bit broken and I’m trying to make some of the illustrations clearer and to remove outdated instructions, filling up some of the missing pages too.

More bugs

I corrected more TouchBound bugs today, in fact I’m not even sure how long they have existed… Spooky.

That’s the issue when you rewrite half of a script that was fairly “stable”, you just replaced safe – bug free – code by fancy bleeding-edge – untested – code. I’d like to say it’s done, but realistically… it’s done until I stumble on another critical bug while preparing the items for update.

Memory management

I’ve almost completed the new chaining system. It requires sort of an “election process” to decide which object will start pulling the avatar, I discovered that more than 2-3 Move2Target in effect on someone’s avatar lead to very bad consequences, event if they all go to the same target!

But this stuff costs memory and It’s dipping too low again so I spent a big part of the day scrambling for extra memory.




It’s so close to being functional, this is so frustrating.

Unrelated things, and server outage.

First! There was another outage today, I was told that there was a hardware incident at the hosting facility, to anyone who experienced undelivered products, feel free to contact me.

Now for the unrelated thing…

I couldn’t resist and decided to work on my apartment project until I could place it in SL. Well I did it, also made some window mesh for it, there is still a lot to be done but at least it isn’t weighting on my mind anymore.

I will resume normal schedule as soon as possible, sorry about that.

Oh yeah, you can visit it if you want to, it is replacing once of the elevator destinations in the shop!

Release probably won’t be today

I’m correcting a last minute texture problem, more rendering and more compositing. I also have a sound effect left to record. But otherwise the muzzle is done.

So probably no release today unless I pull an all nighter.

Server outage

Sorry about the 1-2 hours of malfunction of the delivery system, the KDC server update didn’t go as smoothly as I expected. Everything should be fine for 6 more months :).


The heatwave currently ravaging Europe is putting a serious damper on my ability to concentrate on anything productive. Midnight is only a few minutes away and I can’t seems to get my apartment to come down from 30°C (outside reads 26°C but cycling air in here is very difficult). I’m hoping that this will pass soon.

Until it does I’m going to limit my time online and I’ll try to make things a bit more bearable…

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