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The KDC Warden Straitjacket is out!

More than two months of blood sweat and tears in the making. This release feels like a relief to me you have no idea!

It is designed to fit on Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0 bodies and also Classic Secondlife Avatars, but the best way to be sure is to grab the DEMO.

Feature wise…

  • RLV Compatible.
  • Fitmesh.
  • Custom sounds and animations.
  • TouchBound locking and leashing.
  • Struggle mini-game to break free of the straps.
  • Sleeves back and crotch can be tied independently.
  • Customise it to your taste with the included HUD.

Sorry for the picture spam they just look so good 😀

As usual, you can pick these up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Lady Eleanor Spade Crop is out!


It took 5 hours of extensive debugging today but the wait is finally over!

It has all the main features of the Leather variation (multiple stances, mouse-look striking, HUD striking, target detection, Doodles&Strikes support) But it has its own little detail too, every hard hit that connect with someone have a chance to add some blood spatters to the blade.

You can obviously disable this feature, or even change the color of the blood if you like disciplining aliens or robots.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

The KDC Doodles & Strikes – for avatar 2.0 is OUT!

One month! It took me one month to do this thing, but it’s finally out!

Thanks to Asami for helping for this product picture 😀


As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace, Enjoy!

The KDC/ER Chrome thighs bands are (finally) out!

This was very, very much overdue. And yes those are prim cuffs, I have talked with Winter from Eclectic Randomness about us coming up with an optimized mesh version, so we will do that eventually too.

ER Chrome thighs cuffs

As usual you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

The KDC Classic pet collar is out!

This is technically ahead of schedule, I was actually expecting to spend the entire weekend on it. I guess I overestimated the work required, or underestimated my abilities?



The feature set is fairly similar to the Tasanee collar, but I wanted something less fancy that could actually exist in a mid/high-end pet store, something that could be slightly humiliating to wear. The main difference with my usual leather work is that I’ve done things differently for the backing this time and improved the clarity of the stitches in the normal maps. Another difference is that it has a dedicated leash ring instead of the locking buckle doubling up as a chaining point.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main shop or the SecondLife Marketplace.

New in the Touchbound free bundle

I just added a moddable multipoint anchor plate that uses the same system as the lattice cage. Enjoy 🙂

KDC Bun Covers are out!


So I am told this is the first time that I make something “normal” 😛

Or at least it has been a while I guess.

These should work on essentially any avatar and the ribbons can be adjusted separately if you need to. Making the HUD took most of yesterday so I hope you guys are happy with it!

As usual, you can get these from the KDC Main shop, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


KDC/Ai Basic Leather Armbinder is out!

And another great collaboration with my friend Asami!


It features your standard TouchBound locking/unlocking, a selection of leather textures for the monoglove and straps and two leashing points, one at the glove end and one on the harness between the clavicles.

As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main Shop, the SecondLife Marketplace, the AI Main store.

The KDC Chat Conditioner is out!


It took way too long, but this appears to be a trend with pretty much anything I make.

Word of advice: Do read all the comments in the sample configuration card!

As usual, you can grab it from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Released! The RevoSuit X – duotone addon


As promised 🙂

There isn’t much that I can say about it, it’s an applier for the RevoSuit X allowing contrasting seams on the suit, you can pick between black with colored seams or a colored suit with black seams.

A nice little add-on to give more definition to your RevoSuit 🙂

You can find it at the KDC Main Shop or from the SecondLife Marketplace. Enjoy!

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