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Version 3 of the Warden is out, bug fixed

Hopefully this is the last major bug fix this time! Sorry about that!

KDC Warden Straitjacket update!

I’ll be brief on this one:

  • Added a configuration file to set the struggle mini-game text color because the color that I picked turned out to not work for everyone.
  • I made a workaround to avoid the alpha masking glitch that some users where having with some viewers.
  • The Struggling interruption isn’t based on location anymore because it was conflicting with hobble cuffs and other restraints like that, and since I cannot prevent them to work (the ones made by other creators at least), to interrupt someone struggling you have to bump them a little with your avatar instead.

Enjoy 🙂

The KDC Warden Straitjacket is out!

More than two months of blood sweat and tears in the making. This release feels like a relief to me you have no idea!

It is designed to fit on Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0 bodies and also Classic Secondlife Avatars, but the best way to be sure is to grab the DEMO.

Feature wise…

  • RLV Compatible.
  • Fitmesh.
  • Custom sounds and animations.
  • TouchBound locking and leashing.
  • Struggle mini-game to break free of the straps.
  • Sleeves back and crotch can be tied independently.
  • Customise it to your taste with the included HUD.

Sorry for the picture spam they just look so good 😀

As usual, you can pick these up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Belated straitjacket update

I forgot to blog several times in a row now so I’ll try to be brief.

Problems cropped up with the jacket rig and I had to fix them, I also rewrote the skin system entirely (for the 3rd time). On the upside, the flat chest version is finished, I managed to trim some unnecessary polygons too and the metal parts can now be tinted independently 🙂

Oh yeah I also finished the latex textures 🙂

Leather done!

That was quick I guess…

I still have to finish the final versions and upload em. Next step: Latex (some would say ‘finally’).

Straitjacket leather draft

A quick update to show that I haven’t been idle today 🙂

I’ve only leatherised the body and, to be honest, I am TEMPTED to stay at that and have the strapwork use materials & tint. Less textures overall and I could use more efficiency in my texture usage.

I don’t know. I think it looks interesting and elaborate?

Final canvas textures & color functions

I’ve spent the entire day getting the canvas set ready for release and getting all the little texture glitches out. I added specular maps and individual color settings for the base, straps and collar trim. Specular gloss and intensity can also be set per section, but that will be for the applier HUDs to use, which I haven’t made yet.

I also wasted a good hour tonight making the “classic” instructions/warning sticker you usually see on those.

Animations & sounds done.

I rewrote the jacket entirely during the friday afternoon to move optimize the memory usage. Darien gave me a few ideas I should test on the core TouchBound code later.

I haven’t recorded sound new sound effects in a long time. It took me several tries but I got some pretty convincing struggling and strapping sounds.

I’ve also made a set of animations for the different struggling minigames. They DO make struggling a little harder because of how the avatar move and I might possibly dial the difficulty down as a result.

Tomorrow: little code tweaks and I’m going to start working on the final materials (final canvas, but also leather nd latex with nylon straps 🙂

Struggle minigame refining.

Sooo… Mashing a button didn’t feel like it provided any skill or reward really (who would have thought?).

Then I came up with a way to spice it up: Now you have to hit a specific key each stroke to move the struggling progress forward, hit the wrong key and you get a time malus. After some testing, I also added a “prediction” that displays what the next keystrokes will be, so you can actually hit the keys a little earlier and essentially “ride” the latency.

The first version had the prediction separate from the “current key” but having them both together feels a lot more readable.

Now I need to bribe a few skilled DDR players to establish a benchmark of what the average difficulty should be.

Memory is still dangerously low on the main script but this is all offloaded to the main module so I’m not too worried.

Can you feel the struggle!

Yes I make horrible puns.

I have the base of a struggle mechanic, and ran out of memory twice on the main script. Not worrying at all…

Currently it plays like a button masher: hit pagedown rapidly to struggle against your bonds, you fail if you do not reach the goal before getting exhausted, or if you move (or someone moves you). If you succeed you loosen up the straps one “notch” and can struggle again after a brief resting period.

Balancing this is a bit difficult as it turns out and I might make the mashing a bit more complicated… Maybe something about hitting a specific key and if you mess up, you gain more exhaustion? I don’t know yet… I’m also gonna need to make a few animations&sounds to really “sell it”.

Oh yeah it’s using hovertexts for progress bars.

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