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Leather done!

That was quick I guess…

I still have to finish the final versions and upload em. Next step: Latex (some would say ‘finally’).

More tweaking of the tied version.

Still no end in sight… I corrected the upper body weighting so now the shoulders and upper arms look right when tied, however I still have issues with the back because this strap has to be weighted fully to the chest bone (it’s the locking one).

Another issue that isn’t visible in this picture is the weighting right where the arms touch the belly.

It’s… perfectible… to say the least.

Another inworld test!

Things are finally moving forward! This is a really terrible test rig, there are a lot of things that i still have to fix, but it is very promising.

Shoudlers are doing some terrible things to the model in this configuration so I’m going to get rid of them. I also need to figure out how to restrict weight copying to specific vertices.

Deform bones and posing

As I mentioned before (probably) my plan is to use two distinct models for the tied/untied version, the tied version having its arms stuck in place and not rigged to the torso instead, to ensure that it all looks as good as possible with different avatars.

I’ve fixed some UV errors I had appear between the bake version and this one, not entirely sure how they came to be, but to be sure I pinned all my UVs this tile.

I’ve also got some good fitmesh deformations on the chest, And I hope it’s good enough for femboys at the very least. I’ve purposely limited the breast size you can achieve through the sliders.

Fitmesh first pass

I redid the weighting from scratch again, with fitmesh this time. Good results, when Avastar doesn’t completely glitches out…

The bottom edge is surprisingly … wide compared to my hips so I must have done something wrong there. Additionally I noticed a few odd gaps that are probably due to some bad edge splits.

The texture for the back straps is the wrong one because I’m lazy. I also added a few extra edge loops to the front loop, it looks a bit less jagged now. The fitmesh stuff doesn’t quite work on the chest yet either, that’s another thing I need to work on. Don’t expect full breast size range tho, I did some testing and it simply looked terrible.

Slow return to cruise speed.

I was initially planning on resuming work on the straitjacket monday but I got caught up on trying to write an inventory system for something unrelated to SL.

That and I completely forgot how to setup my work environment for fitmesh >_>, so a refresh was needed.

Not as nice to show as last post, I know.

Quick inworld rigging test!

As I write this blog post I realize that I’ve rigged it on the wrong skeleton, good job me!

I can’t see any issues (beside the piss poor rigging) so it is all good.

Drive-by baking

Quick update for today, test renders at final resolution. Look good 😀 (Some parts missing yeah.)

Stitch all the things!

It doesn’t add much, but it adds something still. I’ve matched them the best i could between the tied and untied versions so they should swap cleanly between each others.

Hopefully some of it will show in the final textures.

Strap all the things?!

Those are the strap segments for the “untied” looks of the various bits and bobs. I also finished the end of the left sleeve so it can have a friction buckle (the right side will have the strap part).

Now the low polygon model is 99% complete, the only remaining part is the arm connecting strap, I reserved a bit of texture space for it and I’ll make it once I get the folded version of the arms final.

Next steps:

  1. Make the materials.
  2. Make a semi final “test” texture set, to double-check that I haven’t messed up anything with my UVs).
  3. Rigging (first pass at least).
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