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Muzzle inworld test!

It’s looking good! It’s also missing a bunch of bits that I forgot to include in the model, but the textures are at final size so that should give you an idea 🙂

I think I will to tone down the specularity on the backing too… The shine… it bothers me.

It’s always sunny in UVmap town.

I’ve managed to share texture between all the minor straps. I usually don’t do this because it has a tendency to mess up with the normal mapping. But hey, it works.

This is definitely not my favourite UVmap. There is way too much empty space along the side panels, but at least I saved about a quarter of it with the texture sharing.

The harness is kind of this big mono-block thing so I had to cut int into pieces, hopefully no one will notice the texture seams.

There is still a bit of room I can use later for things like rivet backs and my logo.

Some low polyon work.

After initially trying to make the low polygon muzzle cage a single piece and failing, this is what I got so far:

Another reason to keep the straps is that I still want to attempt saving texture area on the lattice-work by having them all share it, the jury is still out on this one.

Stitches and stuff.

Alright, I think that I’m pretty much done at this point with the high-poly. All the materials are set, so it is time to point my attention towards the low-polygon model.

I really would like to experiment on some aggressive texture reduction techniques on this, we will see what happens!

High-poly getting close to completion

I did some good progress the past couple days, I solved most of the small issues in the model and rebuilt the straps to use the right profile.

I also added a forehead buckle because, why not?

Last picture: first pass on the leather material and high-poly UVs. I have to add a little bit of stitching on the straps and make the holes for the straps.

A few too many rivets.

I think I’ll remove the middle row…

Today I’ve built the connection point between the neck and overhead straps, cleaned up the side pieces and back-sided them. I’ve redone the overhead strap so it has the right profile now and rounded ends.

Not much but it’s progress.

This way forward please

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve had a procrastination issue for the past week or so. I’m doing what I can to get over it.

I started building the frame and a two way buckle holder.

Another muzzle draft: getting somewhere?

So I’ve used the form that I was sculpting last time and built the part that touches the face, with the overhead strap and all before making the cage.

I think it looks a lot better this time. Also a test for how to allow mouths to open (sI can’t really prevent it and bento rigging this is out of the question).

Offline prisoner storage.

The kind of place you would store useless space clowns in.

This is basically my take on something I saw while visiting places around the grid, it’s an offline “prisoner containment” storage.

Long story short: you pick a slot, then have 30 seconds to log off. Then the storage close and it displays info about the person it “contains”.

My main addition is that it handles 8 storage from a single script, plus you can send messages to the person if they have IM to Email, and there is a small feeding simulation for no reason at all.

I don’t know if I want to sell this, I’ve really put this together quickly and it’s not really to my usual quality standard.

More shaping tests.

I tried these by first building a general shape that the muzzle is ment to occupy.

The first one I kinda likes the overall flow of, I think that the shorter “inline” look is more “delicate” if that means anything.

I figured for a change I would try a different style to compare and built a more bulky one, supposed to be made of hard plastic.

No real progress today, but I think that, on top of making a “mold” for the general shape, I absolutely NEED to build the head harness first, the last picture got me stuck with my massive cage bars everywhere and no idea how to build a harness on top of it.

For the next step, I need to build a relatively “comfortable looking” harness. And then build the cage on top of it really. I’d argue that the cage design doesn’t even matter until then.

Yes, I’m way over thinking this.

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